Amnesia Diaries – by Stella Theodorakis, Saturday, 23.01., 19:30 (Hall 2)

Greece 2012, 103′, Greek/English/French with German subtitles

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A woman discovers some long-forgotten Super 8 footage of the years 1985-86, from Greece, Australia and Paris when she was in her 20s. She discovers them in 2010 during the upcoming crisis in Athens, and when her best friend dies. She starts shooting again, among demonstrations and personal gatherings, in an environment of social despair until February 2012, one day after the “burning” of different buildings in the center of Athens.
She addresses these “personal/political” diaries to her old friend Peter in Australia.

Stella Theodorakis

Born in Athens, she studied Economics at the University of Athens, cinema studies in Athens Film School and at the Sorbonne University from where she obtained her PhD on the Avant Garde cinema of the 20’s.
Screenwriter, director and producer, she works in Athens, and she is one of the main members of the independent company Fantasia Audiovisual LTD. Her films participated in different film festivals and had won awards. She has also worked like associate professor at the University of Crete, at the University of Fine Arts of Athens, and at the University of Fine Arts of Thessaloniki, department of Cinema studies. Her film “Amnesia Diaries” won the Best Documentary Award in the Greek Film Academy awards 2013.

Filmography (selection):

1989, Plumeria Rubra, short, 16mm, 20 min.
1990, Plastiko, short ,16mm, produced by The Greek Film Centre.
1992, Fashion and Civilisation in the 20th Century, documentary, Greek State TV ERT 1.
1993, Reflections of the City: The Metropolises of Reflections, 60min, Greek State TV ERT 1.
1994, From the unique to the multiple, 16mm, 82 min, co-produced with the Greek Ministry of Culture.
1997, What’s your name?, population in Thrace, documentary, 70min.
2002, Close… so close, feature, 35mm, 121 min, supported by the Media program, EMDA Production: Fantasia audiovisual LTD, Greek Film Centre, Greek State TV ERT.
2005, Like a dream of dawn, feature documentary, supported by the Greek Film Centre.
2010, Ricordi-mi, feature, 35mm, 100 min, Production: Fantasia audiovisual LTD, Greek Film Centre, Greek State TV ERT.
2012, Amnesia diaries, dcp, 103min, Production: Fantasia audiovisual LTD, Stella Theodorakis, supported by the Greek Film Centre.