Arkadia Hail – by Filippos Koutsaftis, Sunday, 24.01., 13:15 (Hall 1)

Greece 2014, 89′, Greek with German subtitles

The short film “Joanna” by Panagiotis Fafoutis will be screened just before (more information below).

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Capturing moments in the infinite line of time, depicting fractional images of a divinely inspired Nature, interweaving mythological and historical accounts, gleaning fragments and whispers the cinematic gaze attempts to record the identity of a place that confronts and is confronted with the great philosophical questions of life.
The temple of Athena Alea, Gregory Markopoulos’s shrine, the harvest, the beautiful woman of Mouchli, the cherry orchard, the New Martyr Demetrios, are nothing but fragments of this place – of Tegea – recounting the adventure of life.
‘’Hail Arcadia’’. A journey to a place that is haunted, even today, by the myth of an enigmatic epigraph.
Et in Arcadia Ego. A collection of fragments. A salute, brief and ambivalent, like the passage of the runner who crosses the plain of Tegea at midnight.
A poetic journey through the past and present of the myth-filled, bucolic province of Arcadia through the lens of Greek auteur filmmaker Filippos Koutsaftis.

Filippos Koutsaftis

Born in Zagora, Volos.  He studied film in Athens and has worked as director of photography on fourteen feature films, for television, serials and documentaries. His first feature documentary, Agelastos Petra (aka Mourning Rock) was a major box-office and festival hit (over 60.000 admissions in greek theaters, more than 5 consecutive months theatrical release, audience awards in various film festivals).


2015, Hail Arcadia (Arkadia Haire) (feature documentary)
2007, TO.RA.KE, (short documentary)
2000, Agelastos Petra (Mourning Rock) (feature documentary)
1987, Semnon Theon, (documentary short)

Joanna – by Panagiotis Fafoutis

Greece 2015, 9′, Greek with German subtitles

Every day Joanna descends to the port to find love. Inspired by an urban myth, one woman’s story, could be a country’s tale.

Panagiotis Fafoutis
was born in Patras. He studied in  Law School of Athens and film direction at Stavrakos Film School of Athens.
He works as a director, scriptwriter, producer in greece. He has made 5 short films, awarded nationally and internationally, and 2 feature films (‘I Klironomos” and “Paradise”). He has also made documentaries, tv series,ads, corporates, has directed a theatrical play and street events. He is teaching cinema in film and drama schools.