Ashes – by Stratos Tzitzis; Thursday, 19.01., 20:00 (Cinema 1) (before: Short film: Monica – by Dimitris Argyriou)

Greece 2016, D: Stratos Tzitzis, A: Gogo Brebou, Nikos Georgakis, Giorgio Chraniotis and many more, 71 Min, DCP, Greek with German subtitles, FSK: Ab 18

Stratos Tzitzis present at the screening!


Plot :

In a city that bursts with chaos and disorder, five people gather in a house where a very close friend of them died. Trapped in his house they cannot agree on the way of his funeral. The heat makes the situation oppressive but they still insist on their differences. The corpse starts decomposing, their relationships are being tested and secrets are revealed. After a while nothing will be the same again.

Stratos Tzitzis

Studied Economics, Politics and Cinema in Athens, where he made two feature films Love is an Elephant (2000) and Save Me (2001). Moved to Berlin in 2004, where he worked on philosophical issues and wrote two essays. Returned to Athens for his third feature film 45m2 (2010). Directed his theater play Kafsi for the Olvio Theater (2012-2013), which he turned into a movie during 2015, with the english title Ashes.

Monica – by Dimitris Argyriou

Bosnien&Herzegovina, Deutschland 2016, R: Dimitri Argyriou, D: Ivana Pavlakovik, 5 Min, DCP, OmdtUT, FSK: Ab 18



Monica wanted to become hair dresser, when she was young…
Things went wrong…This is her story…
(Based on a real interview with a human trafficking victim.)

Dimitris Argyriou

graduated with Master of Arts from Dept. of Audio & Visual Arts at Ionian University in Greece and he studied with Erasmus scholarship at Universität der Künste Berlin (UDK-Berlin) in Germany.
He has written, directed and produced 7 short films, which have awarded & nominated in more than 250 international film festivals & events. He has won 20 awards for his films. As Editor, he has edit 1 feature length documentary and more than 250 short films, music videos, commercials and TV programs.
Ηe is working as director and editor in Berlin, he is the founder of the NEW BORN Short Film Agency and since 2014, he is member of the pre-selecting team of International Short Film Festival in Berlin- Interfilm and since 2016, Head of Short Film Programming in International Film Festival of Patmos.