Do it Yourself – by Dimitris Tsilifonis, Saturday 19.01.2019, 21:45, Cinema 1

Greece 2019, 98 min, OmengU, FSK: 18


A small time crook agrees to star in a viral video which can restore the public image of a prominent businessman. What he didn’t expect is that he would end up fighting for his life after the “director” of the viral video, a powerful gangster, decides he is an expendable part of his plan.

Dimitris Tsilifonis

was born and raised in Athens of the 90s. He developed an interest in arts from a young age, writing and directing his first play at the age of 11. He believes that a necessary prerequisite for a good director, is an in-depth understanding of all the different roles inside a crew. This in combination with how much he enjoys being on set, is what pushed him to work on more than 100 commercials, feature and short films in different positions. His love for other cultures, drove him to acquire a BA in Communication, get a degree in Japanese and attend filmmaking seminars in the US, England, France and the Czech Republic. He is soon to graduate from the prestigious American Film Institute, whose notable alumni include David Lynch, Terrence Mallick and Darren Aronofsky among others. Do It Yourself is his feature film, it premiered Out of competition in the 58th Thessaloniki International Film Festival, where it won the Youth Prize. At the Hellenic Film Academy Awards the film won the categories for Best VFX and Best Editing, while it was nominated for Best First Film Director and Best Sound.