In Situ (Documentary), Sunday, 28.01.2018, 5 pm

Regie: Chrysa Tzelepi & Akis Kersanidis

Griechenland, 2018, 105min, OmeU

A journey through the universe of contemporary improvisational music.

With pivotal and focal point the city of Thessaloniki during the ‘80s, an international crossroads attracting several musicians in the genre of free improvisation and in situ composed music, we take a travel across Greece, Italy and Germany following after the trails of these musicians, documenting their assorted perspectives on improvisation, sound, silence, life and art, revealing their creative methods and witnessing closely the very moment in situ music is brought into being.

Also every day at Hellas Filmbox 2018 in URBAN SPREE: Free Entrance / Free entry in Greek Market, Café Shop, Food Track, Red Bar Movies & Drinks – all in one of the most popular places in Berlin, at one of the most known film festivals in Berlin.