Gefährtin der Toten/ LA COMPAGNE DES MORTS – by George Louridas, Samstag 19.01.2019, 20:00, Cinema 3

Greece, France 2018, 72 min, Greek / English / French with English Subtitles, FSK: 18


Three stories take place in a modern world. A painter tries to paint the portrait of his dead wife. A young woman searches for her lost sister. An optimistic girl realizes that she has no place in an unfriendly society. The protagonists share openly their experiences on Life, Death and Love. Personal defections, fears and troubles that stop them from being internally complete. On the contrary, a mad scientist undertakes the task to formulate a filter that will offer unlimited possibilities of control over the human mind. A dark community supports him “from beneath”. In the meantime, a dead woman and a fox come from parallel dimensions to complete their missions.

George Louridas
was born on October 13, 1987 in Kalamata, Greece, to Peter and Margaret. He has two younger brothers and a lot of loving friends. George moved in Athens at the age of 7 and remained there till the age of 23. He finished an Accounting school at Piraeus and then returned to Kalamata in 2011. A bit later, in 2012, he entered the Film School of the Aristotle’s University in Thessaloniki. He is father of a lot of cats! When not in a film or a theater project, he really loves spending time with them, reading poetry and comics. In 2015, he created his own art-production company to help independent creators reach their goals.