Aegean Rhythm. The Lyre – by Jannis Lambrou and Konstantinos Blathras, Saturday, 23.01., 13:30 (Hall 2)

Greece 2013, 100′, Greek with German subtitles

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Aegean Rhythm is the fruit of a great journey in the Aegean islands and shores, in their music, their culture and everyday life, given by the untimely departed director Yiannis Lambrou. We traveled also through Greek civilization in art and life. So, the Friedrich Hölderlin’s and Kostes Palamas’s verses amid traditional ones, renew the everlasting meanings of life and love in this Archipelago.

Jannis Lambrou

(1954 – 2011) was born in the the island of Euboea. He studied in the “Evgenia Chatzikou” Filmschool and continued his studies in the Paris Ecole des Haute Etudes. Jannis Lambrou created mostly documentary films and is considered in his field as one of the most important directors in Greece. He taught Theory of Documentary in New Yorck College. His work has been numerously awarded within Greece and internationaly. “Metaxi Komiks kai allon”, his first film, was shot in 1991. After that many films followed. “Aiman” (1992), “Oples” (1993), “Idromena Alonia” (1995), “Sta Ichni tou Orfea” (1997), “Akolouthontas to potami” (1997), “Kassandros” (1999), “Perasmata apo ton Paradiso” (2000), “I sinantissi” (2002), “Karnagia tis Ierissou” (2004), “Elympos to chorio ton theon” (2005), “Oi Lyrarides ton Aigaion” (2005 – 2008), “Eikonochronografima zografou ginaikos” (2007), “Iera Monopatia” (2008-2010), “I teleftaia koursa” (2010), “Rhythmoi Aigaiou” (2011).

Konstantinos Blathras

was born in Sparta (Greece) in 1964. He studied Theology in the University of Athens and Film Direction in “Evgenia Chatzikou” Filmschool.  Konstantinos Blathras has been also active as a journalist and a film critic. He directed the short film “To Paignidi” (1992) and “Min pirovolis!” (2003), as well as “Iera Monopatia” (2007) for the documentary film series of ERT3 (national Greek television).  In the documentary “Rhythmoi Aigaiou” (2011) for Aegean Film, he was responsible for the script and co-directed together with Jannis Lambrou.