New Vision Slot 1: Limbo – by K. Kotzamani; Ecdysis – by P. Tsolina; Aurelia – by C. Bourantas & K. Krionas; Drive Through – by S. Pavlakis; Thursday, 19.01. 20:30 Cinema 3 (second screening 22:30)

Limbo – by Konstantina Kotzamani

Greece 2016, D: Konstantina Kotzamani, 29 Min, Greek with English subtitles


The leopard will go to the goat. The wolves will live with the lambs. And the little boy will lead them.

Konstantina Kotzamani

was born in Komotini (Greece) in 1983. She studied Pharmacy and Cinema at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Department of Fine Arts. She has participated at Berlin and Sarajevo Talent Campus as a director. Her short movies have been selected in several International Festivals and have gained many awards.

Ecdysis – by Phaidra Tsolina

Greece 2015, D: Phaidra Tsolina, 17 Min, Greek with English subtitles


Ecdysis is a surreal journey through an indecisive mind. When his car breaks down, a man finds himself at a bus stop in the middle of nowhere. He soon meets a girl named Dog, and after a chat with her and a bizarre conversation in the nearby public telephone booth, the man decides to take his own path away from his past. With a white stone as his guide, he happens upon a beach offering him some catharsis at the end of the day.

Phaidra Tsolina

is a Greek filmmaker. She studied theatre at the University of Patras. In 2012 she moved to London to do her Masters in Filmmaking at London Film School. Her work is often centered on change and inevitability and draws heavily on the European Art House tradition as well as the Asian Cinema. She also works extensively as a First Assistant Director.

Aurelia – by Christos Bourantas & Kreon Krionas


A young girl drifts through the dark, empty city on a lonely journey. Fragments of her past unfold the story of an unusual phenomenon to which her life is bound: a worldwide jellyfish outbreak.

Kreon Krionas

was born in Kavala, Greece. He is a self-taught animator/designer with a creative background in short graphic stories, software programming and synth music. His passion for art and digital technologies has led him through various jobs, including graphic design, digital printing and computer support. In the recent years he has been experimenting with animation techniques that combine rotoscoping, CGI and traditional animation. “Aurelia” is his first short film. He lives in Athens.


Aurelia, 15’, 2015 (director)

Christos Bourantas

was born and raised in Arta, Greece. He has a degree in Architecture from the NTU Athens and has been awarded as an architect in the past, while retaining a pure passion for storytelling. He has broad experience in publishing (comics, illustrations) and music/sound design. In the recent years he has been working in the field of digital media as a 3D designer, artist, animator and filmmaker. “Aurelia” (2015) is his first animated short film. He lives in Athens.


Aurelia, 15’, 2015 (director)

Whale 52, 20’, 2016 (Co-writer, art supervisor)

Drive through – by Stefanos Pavlakis


Three young, white men travel through Morocco. They have assigned themselves a mission and have entrusted a photographer with documenting their deeds. Drive Through is the story of this self-assigned ‘mission’, in which nothing works out as envisioned…. The essay film relies on a set of photo documents that become animated through staged gestures, an imaginative handling of ambient sound and a playful inclusion of the weather conditions found on location, while filming. Drive Through is a multilayered, circular narrative that also works as critique of travel-photography and of the all too easily applied aesthetics of photo-collage.

Stefanos Pavlakis

Born in Athens in 1974 Stefanos Pavlakis grew up in a bilingual environment, in-between cultures. A training as stage & screen actor preceded his academic studies in Film and Photography (B.A.), Fine Arts (M.F.A) and his practice-led Ph.D. research (in Aesthetics of Relation / Narrative Forms in Contemporary Art). Since 2009 Pavlakis lives in Berlin and co-owns Expedere, The Story Factory and Story Dealer Berlin. With Panos Adamopoulos he founded the independent production house Lucid Walks in 2014.


“Drive Through”, essay film, 17:21 min, 2015 (Author, Director, Editor & Producer)

“The Eye of the Beholder”, experimental short, 17:35 min, 2014 (Author, Director, Editor & Producer)

“History Remix”, (audio walk, ca. 2h), 2011 (Author, Director, Editor & Co-Producer)

“Backgrounds Up Front”, compilation film, 18:47 min, 2009 (Director & Editor)