Receta (New Vision Film), New Vision Cinema, Saturday, 27.01.2018, 9 pm

Receta” (“Rezept”),

Direction: Michael Mantas, 70min, OmeU

“RECETA will provide an engagement for the intersection of documentary film and avant-garde performance by candid, sync-sound footage of the interaction between the filmmaker and subjects filmed. I will seek out communities in which I have cultivated friendships in the past (U.K. and Greece squat scene) and those which I am yet to encounter as ‘culture objects’. My aim is to perform myself freely in the collective consciousness and mythology of these communities as my alter personal militant Bohemian, in order to investigate the canvas  within from which actions of cultural resistance springs forth.” – Michael Mantas

Also every day at Hellas Filmbox 2018 in URBAN SPREE: Free Entrance / Free entry in
Greek Market, Café Shop, Food Track, Red Bar Movies & Drinks – all in one of the most
popular places in Berlin, at one of the most known film festivals in Berlin.