Red Zone – by Zafeiris Haitidis, Saturday, 23.01., 21:45 (Hall 2)

Greece 2011, 30′, Greek/Farsi with German subtitles

The documentary “PSY” by Kalliopi Legaki will be screened shortly after (more information below).

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“Red Zone” concerns the ongoing refugee crisis in Greece. The documentary portrays, through the parallel stories of four Afghan youths, the identical adventure that all Afghan immigrants and refugees (who for reasons of life and death have abandoned their homeland) in an effort to create a new life in the West, with Greece as a gateway to Europe. However, they escape one war only to find themselves in another, inside the “red zone” of European-Greece.

Zafeiris Haitidis

Zafeiris, born in London in 1974 and of Greek descent, is a director, filmmaker, screenwriter and producer currently residing and working in Athens, Greece. He is a graduate of Boston University with a B.S. in Communications (“Broadcasting and Film”). His experience covers a vast range of productions, from commercials and video-clips, to documentaries, television shows and cultural programs, as well as award-winning short films (which have played theatrically and have competed in local and international festivals: Los Angeles, Cannes, Paris, Montpellier, London, Munich, Rome, Moscow, etc). Member of the Greek Director’s Guild and the Hellenic Centre of the International Theatre Institute.

PSY – by Kalliopi Legaki

Greece 2014, 67′, Greek with German subtitles


Madness means not understanding the other… – sadness and pain are considered an extremity by our society… – when I became ill, I felt fear and shame. – I didn’t want my son to be locked away in a mental hospital – I wanted to be loved and understood…

Words from people who have experienced mental suffering and committal. Confessions by people who do not hesitate to talk to us about their own special world. We met them at the new structures and networks that have been established in mental health field during the last few years, in order to reintegrate all these people in society and learn them to stand up for their lives and dreams.

Kalliopi Legaki

studied Philosophy and Psychology at the University of Athens and film direction at the L. Stavrakos Film School. She has directed short films and documentaries awarded in National and International Festivals.

Short films: 1991 The Catastrophe/ 1994 Games of the Heart/ 1996 The Wheel/ 1999 Desires on hot sand
Documentary: 1999 Lovely Big Veta / 2002 Keratsini-Old and New Refugees / 2003 From Midnight to 06:00 / 2003 Women in Sports / 2006 Elias Petropoulos-An underground world / 2006 Small steps in a big world / 2006 Greece through the lens of V. Papaioannou / 2006 Pencils, Scissors and Dreams / 2006 Holding a piece of chalk / 2007 Mimis Condos-From the moonrise to the setting of the moon