Special History: The Light Thickens – by Lydia Konsta; Saturday, 21.01., 19:30 Cinema 2 (before, short: Salonika – a city with amnesia)

Greece 2015, D: Lydia Konsta, 75 Min, Greek with German subtitles

Lydia Konsta present at the screening!

This film approaches the wounds left behind by the German occupation of Greece, with a new set of eyes. Lydia Konsta interviews a German Wehrmacht radio operator, who was situated in Greece and kept a journal. Greek and German artists are simultaneously inspired to create through their meetings with the survivors of those events in Greece. Their testimonials are overwhelming. Still today we fight to manage the trauma of freak, loss and guilt of that time.

Can art contribute to face the trauma? This film leaves the answer to the viewer.

Lydia Konsta

studied in Northern Media School, Screen Arts, Sheffield Hallam University, MA in film direction and production.

Coming back to Greece she started her own production company and produced short films, music videos, promotional spots etc.
She was selected and participated in the Berlinale Talent Campus, in February 2003.

before, short: Salonika – a city with amnesia – by Max Galke and Mario Forth

Greece, Germany 2016, D: Max Gailke and Mario Forth, 13 Min, original with German subtitles

Max Gailke and Mario Forth present at the screening!


The film tells the story of an old world, which traces have not survived. The city of Thessaloniki is witness and victim of this history at the same time.

Max Geilke 

Was born in 1983 in Braunschweig, Germany, and completed his studies at the University of Cologne in history, politics and media. He has founded his own production company Eyedolon Pictureworks and is working as director, director of photography and producer.

Mario Forth

Was born in 1979 in Paderborn, Germany and studied at SAE Cologne audio and media production. He is working as an audio engineer and producer for film and on stage.