Special Tribute: Bathers – by Eva Stefani; To the Wolf – by Xristina Koutsospyrou; Friday, 20.01., 20:15, Cinema 3

Tribute to greek female filmmakers

Bathers – by Eva Stefani

Greece 2016, D: Eva Stefani, 45 Min, DCP, Greek with English subtitles


Eva Stefani

born in 1964. Studied political sciences at the University of Athens (1981-1987) and then Documentary at Ecole Varan in Paris(1989), cinema studies and ethnographic film at New York University (1989-1991). She then followed a 4 year documentary course at the National film and TV School in England (1991-1995). Since 2000 she teaches cinema studies at the Faculty of Theatre Studies, University of Athens. She works as a documentary director.

To the Wolf – by Xristina Koutsospyrou

Greece 2016, D: Xristina Koutsospyrou, 74 Min, DCP, Greek with English subtitles


Set over four days of unrelenting wind and rain in a remote village high up in the Nafpaktia mountains in western Greece, the film follows the lives of two shepherd families struggling for survival. The village, forsaken by god and man, has seen better days. Paxnis, the seasoned old shepherd with no hope left, had already foreseen the dire straits the country would be facing and is slowly sinking into despair. Giorgos, unable to sell his goats, is weighed down by mounting debts and drinks to forget. Combining documentary and fiction with an all-local cast, ‘To the Wolf’ is both the reality and an unsettling allegory of modern-day Greece.

Xristina Koutsospyrou

is a visual artist born in Athens, Greece in 1980. She studied at the London University of the Arts, where alongside other work, she developed a long-standing passion for photography and film. In 2010 she returned to her country of origin and began working on her first film project in collaboration with Aran Hughes, a docu-realist piece based on the lives of two shepherd families.