Wild Duck – by Yannis Sakaridis, Saturday, 23.01., 20:00 (Hall 1)

Greece 2013, 89′, Greek with German Subtitles
With Alexandros Logothetis, Themis Bazaka, Giorgos Pyrpassopoulos, Yannis Stankoglou a.o.

The short film “March 4” by Dimitris Nakos will be screened beforehand (more information below).

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“Wild Duck” is the story of Dimitris, a telecommunications engineer who’s forced to shutter his business after running up a considerable debt with a local loan shark. He and his buddy Nikos, another telecommunications expert working for a big outfit, decide to get to the bottom of a big scandal. Their research leads them to a certain apartment, whose tenant Panagiota becomes the focus of their attention. Dimitris is now facing some major dilemmas and a trip to his hometown will help him clear his head and look at himself under a different light.

Yannis Sakaridis

was born in Skydra, a small town in the north of Greece, in 1968. At the age of 19, he moved to London to study Photography and History of Art at the London College of Printing and Film, at the University of Westminster. He became member of the legendary London Film Makers Co-Op where he started directing short films, like “Buskers” (1995), “Squadding in Hackney” (1995), “Dogkillers” (1996), “Mausoleum” (2004), some of which were experimental, like “Paris” (1993), “Decay” (1996). He continued working as a professional editor on seven feature films in UK and Greece, like: “Screamin’ Jay Hawkins: I put a spell on me” by Nicholas Triantafyllidis (2001), “O Vassilias” by Nikos Grammatikos (2002), “A woman in winter” by Richard Jobson (2006); on film trailers for Warner Bros, like: “Midnight in the garden of good & evil” by Clint Eastwood (1997), “The General” by John Boorman (1998), “Eyes wide shut” by Stanley Kubrick (1999); and on many documentaries for the British TV, like: “Velvet Goldmine” for Channel 4, “Clash of the titans: rangers / celtics” for BBC2, “Carnival Faces” for National Geographic.
After eighteen years in London, he wrote and directed his short film “Truth”, the first one shot in Greece, which won an Honorary Prize at the Greek State Film Awards, a Special Jury Prize and Best Music Award at Drama International Film Festival, and was one of the Tiscali Best Shorts Selection at Raindance Film Festival.
He co-founded “Athens Filmmakers’ Co-Operative” in 2012, an Athens-based non-profit production company, with Venia Vergou (film critic, producer). His feature film, “Wild Duck” had it’s World Premiere at the Toronto Film Festival.

March 4 – by Dimitris Nakos

Greece 2015, 15′, Greek with German Subtitles


Maria, a young girl from Ukraine, works and takes care for Mrs. Ourania in a Greek village. But Mrs. Ourania has already died three days ago and Maria hides this fact from the children who live in the city. She is afraid she won’t receive her last month’s salary if she reveals the truth. Only Chris knows her secret. 
March 4 is her last chance to come clean.

Dimitris Nakos

was born in Athens in 1982 and has a phd in cinema and philosophy, he is a graduate of National University of Athens and Panteion University of Athens. He is leaving and working in Athens as a director and a scriptwriter. He is also teaching cinema in Panteion University.


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