Side Events 2017


Box meets BOX


On the photography exhibition of Nelly Tragousti

The photos of Nelly Tragousti recall to the spectator’s memory faces and places from the days when Theo Angelopoulos was filming in Germany, and mainly in Berlin, the last movie that he completed, ‘The Dust of Time’. The foreground consists of the image of the great Greek director, his face beneath the studio camera, his gestures while he talks, explains or instructs his actors and crew. His presence remains palpable through its aura even in the photos where he is not included. In the actors, the photographer captures and depicts something fleeting and very personal, from the moments preceding or following their purely interpretive work on their role. At the same time, she presents us with the urban landscape and the spaces which hosted the work of the actors, the crew, the director.

Cinematic Theater Performance

20.01.2017: Cinematic Theater- Trans media and Theater document Platform

Side performance 6pm at Roter Salon, Volksbuehne: Case Study I: The sins of the fathers(Influx Artist’s Collective, Greece)

Case Study I: The sins of the fathers is the first part of influx’s trilogy WE: the dramaturgy of the Crisis that won the Ibsen Scolarship 2015 of the Ibsen Institute of the Norwegian Ministry of Culture.
Case Study I: The sins of the fathers uses Ibsen’s classical plays Ghosts, Little Eyolf and John Gabriel Borkman as a theatrical context in order to bring onto the stage the Crisis that has hit Greece in the  recent past. The performance is also a co production of the Experimental Scene of the National Theatre of Greece and it has also presented in the National Theater of Oslo.
The duration of the show is originally 45 minutes.

9:30 pm at Roter Salon, Volksbuehne : Eutopia by Poka-Yio (Dramaturgy: Nefeli Myrodia)

“How can we reverse-engineer the EU and find its defaults? Is there a future for it? What are the regrets of the past? What do the stars say about Europe?”
Four individuals and a moderator meet for the first time in a focus group room. Each one is briefed in the personas of Jean Monnet, Helmut Kohl, Francois Mitterrand and his astrologer Elizabeth Teissier. They are interviewed on European Union and what went wrong from its inception until today. 
Language: English 
In co-operation with the Ministry of Culture of Greece, the ITI Germany and the Volksbühne Berlin the platform Cinematic Theater – Transmedia Theater, Theater Document will be established for the first time as part of the HELLAS FILMBOX side events.
With Eleni Kamma, Alexander Koch, Poka-Yio, Camille de Toledo, Gernot Wolfram

Idea-Curators: Nefeli Myrodia and Rafika Chawishe 

Special Thanks to Eva Micropoulou


Thursday, 19.01.2017 (at Babylon) (2-4 pm) Chorus -Logos -Melos -Orchesis

a Masterclass of Ancient Drama for professional actors from the distinguished Greek actress and theatre director Lydia Koniordou.

Duration 2 hours, in English

Free Entrance

Your participation at the worksop

Friday 20.01.2017, 15-16:15pm (at Babylon) Workshop& Case Studies from UFA LAB/UFA INTERACTIVE

In cooperation with UFA LAB

Workshop : UFA LAB – Germany’s leading digital studio

Speaker: Kristian Costa-Zahn, Head of Creation UFA LAB

Insight into the UFA LAB with selected Case Studies of digital storytelling through online video, virtual reality and transmedia.
UFA LAB is the digital production unit of the UFA, the largest independent production company within the German entertainment industry and part of the international production network of FremantleMedia.

Free Entrance

Your participation at the worksop