As far as the sea – by Marco Gastine, Fr., 17.01.2020, 20:45, Hall 3

Greece, 2019, 108 Min, Greek with english subtitles

AS FAR AS THE SEA by Marco Gastine

Greece 2019, 108 min, Greek with English subtitles

Victims of serious accidents are hospitalized at the Rehabilitation unit of a major Athenian hospital. Supported by the hospital staff, their families and ward-mates they try very hard to regain their previous abilities. For several months, they struggle daily, to re-learn basic gestures. Some will regain all their faculties. Others, due to the seriousness of their injuries, will not; they will therefore have to confront the challenge of accepting their handicap. Filmed from the point of view of four patients with mobility issues, the film explores the antinomy between hope and acceptance, one of the basic dilemmas of human existence.

Repetition: Friday, 17.01., 22:00, Hall 3

Marco Gastine

was born in Paris. Since 1978 he has lived and worked in Athens. He has worked as a cinema director and producer since 1984. His work mainly includes creative documentaries about social issues, such as “Marseille, a Greek profile” (2004) or “Themis” (2008).