Thread (Feature) & Q&A with director The Boy, Friday, 26.01.2018, 7:15 pm

Directed & written by The Boy / Cast: Sofia Kokkali

Greece | Drama, Sci-Fi | Greek | 94 min | 2016 | OmU (deutsche Untertitel)

DCP | 1:2.35 | Colour | 5.1

Produced by Logline

Supported by Greek Film Centre, ERT
World sales Heretic Outreach
Ioanna Stais
18, Promitheos str., 15234 Athens, GREECE
+30 210 600 52 60 || ||

Written and directed by The Boy, produced by Eleni Bertes, and starring the
up-and-coming Sofia Kokkali in a mesmerizing performance, “Thread”
challenges the values of contemporary society and addresses issues of
memory, violence and the polemic of hope, through a unique cinematic
Niki’s commitment to the Resistance undermines her ability to be a mother to
her son. Lefteris, her son, inherits a past he does not want. Until one day, the
‘thread’ that binds them, the psychological umbilical cord, is cut. The Mother’s
struggle for political freedom turns into psychological shackles that hold the
Boy prisoner; in the end, he will have to fight for his own freedom and seek
his own redemption.


“Thread” is a personal, yet naughty film. It is intended for viewers who like comedies that are not funny, science fiction whose heroes don’t know how to change a light bulb, where wild sex scenes transpire in the mind. “Thread” is a film for viewers that will leave the theatre and will want to immediately download the soundtrack, a film for feral tomboys and men who worship melodrama and depressing technicolor. Ιt is a film for viewers who one day will not be ashamed to cry in front of their friends.


The Boy is passionate about films, filmmaking and the world of cinema. He has written, directed, produced and acted in many of his own films, as well as the films of his fellow directors. He is also widely known for his music and performs across Europe, having released a number of solo albums and composed numerous music scores for films.

2016 Thread

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Written & directed by  The Boy
Producer                         Eleni Bertes
Cast                                  Sofia Kokkali
Cinematography by      Simos Sarketzis GSC
Editing by                       Panos Voutsaras
Art direction                  The Boy
Special effects by          Prokopis Vlasseros
Sound by                        Kostas Varibopiotis, Nikos Triantafyllou, Buildings at Night
Music by                         Felizol & The Boy
VFX supervisor             Giannis Ageladopoulos
Costumes                       Alkistis Mamali
Make-up                         Ioanna Lygizou