Gender matters (?) – Open Discussion, Fri, 17.01. 2020, 17:00, Hall 2 (free entrance, limited seats)

Open Discussion “Gender Matters (?)”

On Friday, 17 January 2020 at 17.00 at Babylon, Hellas Filmbox Berlin will host an Open Discussion with the title “Gender Matters (?)”. To date, the panelists will be Maria “Cyber” Katsikadakou, activist, director and Director of the LGBTQI film festival Outview in Athens, Natalie MacMahon, curator, actress/director Founder of the Female Filmmakers Film Festival Berlin and Lara Celenza, director/screenwriter co-Founder of Female Filmmakers Film Festival Berlin. The subject matter revolves around the gender equality at workplace and specifically in film business and Media. The following issues are up for debate during the open discussion:

  • Ιs the gender equality at workplace still an issue?
  • Are there instances where male are disadvantaged to the female counterparts at workplace?
  • Why is it that there are far more less women in the field of professionals in the film business?
  • Are there negative personal experiences that confirm the problem?
  • Are there similarities and differences for the professionals in Germany and Greece?
  • Are there really wage differences between men and women?

The moderation of the Open Discussion will be conducted by Journalist of APE MPE and the greek network Alpha TV, Faye Karaviti.