Gepäckband (Feature) & Box Talk Cyprus, Cypriot Cinema, Friday, 26.01.2018, 07:30 pm

Directed by Alexia Roider, 62min

Followed by talks with Greek0Cypriot directors and German-Wave journalist Panajotis Kouparanis on the new Cypriot cinema.


A man lives alone with a turtle. He draws no attention to himself. However, he has a secret passion. He takes home forgotten, unclaimed and lost luggage from the airport where he works.  In the safety of his own world, he methodically examines the contents of each luggage; all the little details become clues of another life and a person unknown to him. This ritual has become his life’s purpose and his sole connection to the outside world. Until one day, a suitcase comes along which changes everything…

Also every day at Hellas Filmbox 2018 in URBAN SPREE: Free Entrance / Free entry in
Greek Market, Café Shop, Food Track, Red Bar Movies & Drinks – all in one of the most
popular places in Berlin, at one of the most known film festivals in Berlin.

HELLAS FILMBOX BERLIN Hommáge Zyprisches Kino
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Supported by the Cultural Services of the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture