Impressions of a Drowned Man – by Kyros Papavassiliou; Saturday, 21.01., 15:30 (Cinema 2)

Cyprus, Slovania, Greece, 2015, D:  Kyros Papavassiliou; DCP, 82 Min, Original with German subtitles

German Premiere
Kyros Papavassiliou present at the screening!



Totally disconnected from his past and memory, the Passenger tries to define
himself, confronted by his pre-determined fate, a fate that he has to re-live
upon every anniversary of his death.

Kyros Papavassiliou

was born in Cyprus in 1972. He has directed one feature-length film and six shorts. His feature “Impressions of a drowned man” had its world premiere at Tiger Awards Competition of International Film Festival Rotterdam 2015. The film then had a remarkable career in important festivals (Karlovy Vary, American Film Institute, Durban, Kiev, Mumbai, etc.)

His short film “In the name of the sparrow” was selected at the Official Selection of Cannes Film Festival 2007.
He has directed two devised performances, “Misunderstanding of a sweet and called Cyprus” and “The Gaze.”
He has published a collection of poems by the title “Poneman” (Gavrielides Publishing, 2002)
Director’s Filmography
Impressions of a drowned man, 2015, Cyprus-Greece-Slovenia, feature-length.
The dust will subside perceptibly by tomorrow, 2016 – short
Malproksime, 2016, short
Sagarki, 2015, Cyprus, short
In the Name of the Sparrow, 2007, Greece-Cyprus, short
At Kafka’s Trial Room, 2005, Greece-Cyprus, short
Lament, 2002, Greece-Cyprus, shor