Jamaica by Andreas Morfonios, 19.01.2019, 19:45, Cinema 1

Greece 2018, 95 Min, OmengU, FSK: 18


Akis and Timos are two brothers who have been estranged because of a misunderstanding. But on the occasion of a family event, Akis and Timos are getting closer again.

Akis is a taxi driver and he tries to pay his depts. Timos is a famousTV presenter who lives every day as if it was his last. It is a touching, tender, optimistic film about the power of the brotherly love that overcomes every obstacle.

Andreas Morfonios

born and raised in Athens on April 19, 1963.

Following highs chool and after completing his military obligations he studied Directing at The Film and TV School of L. Stavrakou.

He than worked as an assistant director in feauture films, television movies and tv series.

From 1993 to present he is working as a director in tv series, mainly comedies. Some of them have reached hight numbers of ratings and won him awards and honourable mentions.