New Vision Short Films, Sat, 18.01.2020, 17:00, Hall 3

New Vision Shorts, 85 min


PLASTIC FLOWERS by Yannis Zafiris – international premiere

Greece 2019, 5 min, Greek with English subtitles

A fairy poisons the waters of the village. He is coming back thirsty. As he is looking for the fountain, he faces a desert place and some plastic flowers. A horse and a dog will keep him company till the end.

VIOLENT EQUATION by Antonis Doussias

Greece 2019, 5 min, Greek with English subtitles

Dare not to be different. A totalitarian society forces unequal things to become equal. Ignorance creates fear and envy brings violence. Average person’s feeble mentality rules by any mean. Inspired by art of Costis Georgiou.

KEYGRIP by Nasos Gatzoulis

6 min, Greek with English subtitles

After a rough breakup with his girlfriend, a man gets transferred into a trippy, psychedelic alternative world which is dominated by mutliple, sadistic versions of his ex-girlfriend.

BAROQUE by Chrysa Koutrakou

Greece 2019, 8 min, Greek with English subtitles

Mairi and Vasilis meet in a waiting room. As they wait, love will strike and they will experience all the phases of a relationship. In a film that starts as a comedy about love and ends as a documentary about relationships, art will show its real impact in our lives.


UNPHALLO by Yannis Dimolitsas (director present) – German premiere

Greece 2019, 6 min, English with English subtitles

An allegorical lifetime view of a woman searching her inner strength against the bourgeois perception of society, that failed to change as it should be.”

*Shot on film 16mm

INSIDE THE SHEER NOSTALGIA OF A LULLABY by George Louridas – world premiere

Greece / Scotland 2018, 36 min, Greek with English subtitles

In a strange apartment two women are living together. One, with the company of her fictitious baby and the other with the lure of her unfulfilled dreams. When a third one arrives, a young writer, will bring a new air into their lives. Edinburgh of mysteries may eventually reveal to all the three of them who they really are and where they really go.

FLEXIBLE CHOICES by Thodoris Vournas

Greece 2019, 15 min, OmeU
A rehearsal is in progress. Director and actor change roles and become hunter/prey and prey/hunter. All this serves only one purpose: Who will play his role better? (director present) – world premiere
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