Short film: Yelena – by Dimitris Abatzis, Friday, 20.01., 22:15 (Cinema 3) (second screening: 21.01., 21:15, cinema 3)

Greece 2015, D: Dimitris Abatzis, 16‘


Yelena, tells the story of an Ukrainian economic immigrant, in 2015 Athens, who works as a housekeeper. Her one and only purpose, is to provide for her son, who lives back in Ukraine. In the film, we follow Yelena, through a day in her life, in which, her limits will be tested and she will have to take life changing decisions.

Dimitris Abatzis

He was born in 1993 in Athens. He is a graduate from Queen Margaret University.


Breakfast(2014), 8 min, Fiction

Imittou 109(2014), 16 min, Documentary